My Dogs

I am the proud owner of 2 miniature dachshunds, Joey and Suzy.  All of the rumors are true, they are stubborn and intelligent.  Their stubborness frustrates me at times, however, their intelligence and unique personalities make them a joy.  It is never a dull moment with them.

Joey is a dapple dachshund.  The gray in his fur and the white spot on his chest are the main characteristics of a dapple.  Other than the gray, he has the same coloring as a black and tan dog.  He weighs approximately 14 pounds.  His mom was a full sized black and tan dapple and his dad was a miniature.  Joey was under 10 pounds at 1 year, so he is considered a miniature.  He was the biggest puppy in the litter.

Suzy is black and tan.  She is tiny, she weights approximately 6 pounds.  Her mom was a red, full sized dachshund.  Her dad was small like her and black and tan.  She was the smallest puppy in the litter.

I recently purchased a ramp for them.  I didn't want them jumping off the bed and hurting their backs.  You can see pictures of the ramp below.  For more information, visit  Problems can still arise, however, I try to minimize their jumping.

Pictures of Suzy
Pictures of Joey
My Dogs and Me #1
My Dogs and Me #2

Construction and Pictures of Bed Stairs

Latest Pictures of Joey and Suzy

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